Uses and Sources of Various Vitamins

Vitamin A is required for healthy bone growth, cell specialization, cell division and reproduction. It also helps in regulating the immune system. Dark colored fruits and vegetables, spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots, breakfast cereals, eggs, liver and whole milk are some sources of this vitamin. Vitamin B1 helps convert the foods to energy and is required… [Continue Reading]

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Basics of Vitamins

By definition, vitamins are organic substances that perform specific metabolic functions. They are required by the body in very small amounts. As such, a balanced diet is one which contains all essential vitamins in their required quantities. The primary function of vitamins is to work as substrates and catalysts in metabolic reactions. Based on their… [Continue Reading]


Nutrition Label


Nutrition from algae

The scientific name for Super Blue Green Algae is Aphanizomenon flos-aquae. It’s a wild, freshwater algae that grows 100% organically in Upper Klamath Lake in southern Oregon. Super Blue Green Algae has more protein and chlorophyll by weight than any other plant or animal on earth. It contains. all the essential amino acids in the [...]


Nutrition: Eating from restaurants

Under NLEA, FDA established regulations mandating specific nutrition information on the labels of most store-bought products and set up criteria under which nutrient and health claims can be used in food labeling. Claims like these that appear on signs or placards in most restaurants have been covered by the requirements of the food labeling regulations [...]


Mathematical Modeling in Nutrition

We believe that you will find the following information of interest to your subscribers and are offering it for your consideration. It is our goal to provide outreach education to interested individuals. Please let us know if you plan to post this information to your Listserv. If you have any suggestions or comments about how [...]


World nutirtion meet

First Lady Dr. Luisa “Loi” Ejercito will address companions from around the world who are meeting at to the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) this month to look for answers to the problem of better nutrition for the poor. . Dr. Estrada is expected to underscore the need for a political commitment to reduce malnutrition, [...]

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Vitamin D3 Benefits


US Poor Said Damaging Health With Lack of Vitamins

Americans may be worried that radiation, toxic chemicals and even cell telephones are causing cancer but in fact their poor diets are more likely to be the culprit, experts studying nutrition say. A lack of the vitamins found in fruits and vegetables could be damaging people’s DNA, causing the damage associated with cancer, the experts [...]


Role of vitamins in our diet

I am a registered dietitian, and I am NOT a vegetarian. It was once thought that in order to utilize the amino acids in your food effectively, a vegetarian would have to “combine” foods with different limiting amino acids in the same meal. Research and experience shows that this is not necessary. While our bodies [...]


Vitamin and mineral reserves

We know about vitamin and mineral reserves in quite a bit of detail (what is the optimal intake to build a full reserve). For amino acids the picture isn’t quite as clear. There are inducible enzymes in the liver that are increased by high protein diets (speed up amino acid catabolism). We have the most [...]


Two varieties of vitamins

There are 2 types of vitamins: fat soluble and water soluble. The fat soluble vitamins are stored in the fat cells of the body. These are the ones that can be toxic in large amounts. They are vitamins A, D, E, and K. The rest are water soluble. That means that is you take more [...]

Nutrition Facts


Super Blue Green Nutrition

One reason to eat Algae is the benefits of sound nutrition. Many people believe we can get maximum nutrition simply by avoiding junk food and eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and grains, that’s not true. Why is it so difficult to genuinely “eat right” today? One reason is that the earth itself-the topsoil in which [...]


Nutrition: Look at the menu

FDA’s regulations permit restaurants to promote their healthier menu fare using the following: * _Specific claims about a menu item’s nutrient content:_ for example, low fat or high fiber. These are known as nutrient claims. * _Claims about the relationship between a nutrient or food and a disease or health condition:_ for example, a dish [...]


Child Nutrition Action Alert and Bay Area

The Child Nutrition Act, which authorizes the National School Lunch Program and many other national nutrition programs, is up for re-authorization this year. This is an opportunity for Congress to overturn a 2002 law that approves irradiated foods for use in these programs. Let your representative know that irradiated foods do not belong in the [...]


Nutrition for breast feeding babies

Although I am not one of those mother’s that puts other people down for their decisions, I will make some comments here. I chose to Breast feed all 3 of my children. I think it was the best decision I ever made. Now, well into breastfeeding the third, I have some stronger opinions on this [...]