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Hello and Welcome!
There are many products out there claiming to grow hair faster, treat dry, damaged hair; and while most of these products receive popular acclaim or are created from trusted hair care lines, be wary. Not all products are created equal and not all products provide what they promise. Most of these products are mixtures of the cheapest ingredients made for mass production and do none of what they promise. So please STOP the madness and make a promise to yourself today to start using only the best ingredients for your scalp, hair and body because you are worth it!
These products are all natural, good for your hair and body. Your hair can be HEALTHY, LONG AND STRONG!Increases Hair Growth Rate Fast!
Super Fast HairGrowthOil
This POWERFUL invigorating hair growth oil works wonders for slow growing hair.
Stimulates Hair Growth, Protects Hair, Clears Pores with special derived ingredients to clear blocked hair follicles of sebum build up which is the cause of slow growing hair, at the same time it lubricates the hair shaft to prevent dryness and breakage. Eliminates stiff hair and gives hair a bouncy light movement. It provides hair roots with essential nutrients and oxygen vital for stimulating hair growth.
Contains100% filtered Jojoba oil, which clears hair follicles, peppermint oil for stimulation and. other high quality scalp stimulating pure essential oils, pure Emu oil for hair regrowth. Loaded with hair growing roots and herbs to help provide your hair with real nourishment, which makes this such a unique highly effective blend. FASTER GROWING HAIR FOR REAL!
Thisl hair oil will wake up a dormant scalp and rejuvenate blood vessels promoting a vibrant stimulated scalp. This scalp tingling formula will help your hair grow faster up to ¾ to 1 inch every 3-5 weeks. You should notice a difference in 21 DAYS or less!
This complex feeds the follicles in your scalp through microcirculation has absolutely no chemicals and no fillers. Only a small amount is needed on the hair and scalp a little goes a long way. Scalp tingling results will be evident after the first application. The smell is an invigorating sensory experience the sulfur we use is natural and odorless which makes this sulfur product pleasant to use.
Wonderful! I've ordered 3 Bottles! Love It
I love this stuff, please make more!
Really does work I saw results in only 11 days so i ordered more love dis seller
About Me
Hello I am a licensed cosmetologist and natural hair care specialist, with over 19 years of experience. My work has been featured in various magazines. I am an experienced platform artist with the privilege of working various hair shows throughout the country. I use only professional products. I specialize in providing services and the best hair products to acquire and maintain healthy long hair. Everyone says I have the, “growing hand” gift but, really it’s all about proper hair care and using the best natural hair care products that stimulate, moisturize and protect your hair strands from root to tip so that it can reach its full growth potential. I have been selling and using this hair growth product line on my clients, myself, family and friends for several years, and the response from my clients is one of great appreciation and awe. They are getting beautiful long hair for the first time in their lives some have come in wearing wigs and weaves and months later they have retired them. This is very exciting for me and my clients. My clients can’t believe their real hair could be so awesome and gorgeous; some are really shocked by their results. So if you are tired of thin, short, uneven hair lengths Please allow me to give you the healthy long hair that you deserve. These products are all natural, good for your hair and body. Your hair can be HEALTHY, LONG AND STRONG!
The problem with mineral oil/petroleum?
1) It wraps your skin like plastic wrap. It's liquid plastic. It does not "keep the moisture in", in fact it leeches it from the skin and prohibits your skin from breathing and releasing toxins. It is NOT a moisturizer, it's a lubricant, put it on your door hinges, not your skin.2) The only reason companies use it, is it's cheap. It costs more to find a toxic dump for the stuff, but cosmetic companies buy it cents to the barrel.3) Its flammable. Clogging to pores
4) Most cosmetics/skin care have alcohol derived from petroleum. This strips the skin of its natural acid layer, which is our immune protection
Petroleum jelly and mineral oil are petroleum-based products, the same substance gasoline is made from. Such products can be harmful to your body, because it cannot eliminate the substance quickly. Petroleum products are constantly being scrutinized and studiedMineral oil and petroleum jelly, which are widely used in cosmetics, are made from petroleum, a crude oil substance that comes from the ground yet can be very toxic. Different refining processes transform petroleum into paraffin wax, greases, and plastics. The Vaseline company describes its petroleum jelly product as "a mixture of mineral oils, paraffin and microcrystalline waxes that ... literally melts into skin, flowing into the spaces between cells and the gaps in our lipid barrier. Once there, it re-solidifies, locking itself in place."
Since petroleum jelly and mineral oil (its liquid equivalent) attach to your cells and are not water soluble, they can be difficult for your body to eliminate, sometimes causing buildup in various organs of the body. The oxygen and nutrients skin needs in order to release toxins and repair itself can be blocked by the "barrier" created by petroleum cosmetics. Petroleum substances can also be listed as "petrolatum" on ingredient labels. Petroleum is not considered safe for ingestion or internal use in large amounts, yet is the base of many lip balms.
Mineral oils listed as petrolatum (petroleum jelly) or C-18 derivatives are frequently used in personal care products such as lipsticks, lubricants, baby lotions and oils. They commonly contain contaminants that studies have linked to cancer. UCLA studies links "high levels of exposure to mineral oils to increased mortality and incidence of lung cancer, ... melanoma" Source:
Mineral oils are also known to clog pores, forming a barrier preventing skin from eliminating toxins. Repeated use can even set off skin conditions such as acne and dermatitis.
Petroleum Jelly, or Petrolatum, is a semisolid compound derived from hydrocarbon. It can block the skin’s ability to moisturize itself, leading to chapped and dry skin, which are often conditions it is sold to alleviate.
Frequently, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) are found in Petrolatum, which have been linked in studies to breast cancer.
Petrolatum has been banned by the EU from use in cosmetics unless the source can be proven and the product shown to be pure. It is listed as a possible human carcinogen.
We never use petroleum based oils
Ingredients: Emu, JB Castor, Sulfur 5-Natural Odor Free , Jojoba, Olive Oil, Coconut. 100% Essential Oil Blend of Rosemary, Sage, Peppermint, Lavender and Citrus 5, Biotin, Herbal blend complex 10 and much more.
Directions: Use on scalp daily.
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